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Siding Your House in Pittsburgh: Options are Endless

Many people buy a house and begin to work right away on updating the interior of their homes to make it what they want it to be. While they are busy updating the interior, the exterior of their home starts to diminish. Nothing will improve the appearance of the exterior of your home more than siding your house and luckily you have plenty of options.

Here are just a few options that you should consider when siding your house in Pittsburgh or wherever it is that you live:

• Stucco: Traditionally made of a cement and sand or lime blend, many homes built after the 1950’s feature some form of stucco on the exterior. While stucco finish is prone to problems, if you choose stucco as siding for your Pittsburgh house synthetic stucco is more durable and suggested.

• Wood Clapboard: Solid wood remains a favorite of many finer homes when it comes to siding your house. Wood Clapboard siding requires periodic care, but it can outlast vinyl and many other siding materials.

• Brick and Brick Veneer: Coming in a wide variety of colors, brick and brick veneer siding is a popular option due to its longstanding durability when siding your house in Pittsburgh. It can last centuries and will more than likely not require any type of repair for the first 25 years.

• Seamless Steel: A strong siding that resists bulging and shrinking in temperature changes, seamless steel siding is also a popular option. The siding is custom-fit to your house and can be purchased to resemble wood, if desired.

• Aluminum: Although when siding your house, aluminum is rather old-fashioned, some homeowners opt for aluminum over vinyl siding.

• Vinyl: Made of PVC plastic that won’t rot or flake, vinyl siding is the least expensive to purchase and install over other materials for siding your Pittsburgh house. One con remains its effect on the environment and therefore many homeowners are beginning to shy away from vinyl as an option in their siding decisions.

Other options for siding your house that were not discussed include: vinyl coatings, engineered wood, cedar shingle, cement fiber and stone veneer.

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