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Roofers in Pittsburgh – A Professional in High Demand Year Round

It is a well-known joke that western Pennsylvania has two seasons: winter and the Fourth of July. While this may be a little stretch, western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh and Westmoreland County, experiences all four seasons which can wreak havoc on your roof and gutters.

In the spring time and summer time, roofers in Pittsburgh and Westmoreland County spend their time prepping for the months ahead. Whether it’s repairing leaky downspouts following those April showers or if its repairing shingles damaged after the stress of the winter, roofers keep busy in the spring and summer months.

In the fall, roofers are constantly being called upon to remove the build-up of all of those fall leaves that look so pretty on the trees but can cause major problems in your gutters. Roofers in Pittsburgh can keep up with the leaf build-up in your gutters and offer advice to help keep this problem at bay. Roofers in the fall months may also treat Pittsburgh roof tops to remove that nasty black mold that may have formed throughout the year.

Winter time for roofers and the months after the winter thaw, may in fact be the busiest for roofers in the Pittsburgh and Westmoreland County area. In instances like the blizzard of 2010 in the month of February, roofers remained busy traveling throughout the tri-state area removing the feet upon feet of snow that got dumped on the area roof tops during a 48-hour period.

For Pittsburgh home and business owners that were not able to remove the massive build-up of snow and ice from their roofs, roofers became even more important when dealing with major leaks and in some cases complete roof collapses.

While we will never be able to outlast Mother Nature and never have any problems or upkeep with our roofs, it is good to know a good and reliable Pittsburgh roofer so you can call on them winter, spring, summer or fall.

Communities Served:

Plum Borough
Robinson Township
Penn Hills
Ross Township
Harrison Township
McCandless Township
New Kensington
South Park Township
Lawson Heights
West Mifflin
Bethel Park

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