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Joliet Bathroom Remodeling Contractor – Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom

While many of us cannot afford a brand new bathroom in this economy, there are some simple ways that you can remodel your bathroom for a completely new look. Some of these are “do-it-yourself,” but other improvements should be left to a professional Joliet Bathroom Remodeling Contractor.

One simple way to improve your bathroom is to get rid of the clutter. The bathroom is typically the smallest room in your house, but it is always jam packed with items. Remove all items out of your drawers, cabinets and vanity that you do not need in the bathroom anymore. You will be surprised what you find in those drawers that have somehow made it into the bathroom! Keep only the essentials and get rid of or find a new home for your other items.

Once you have things organized, even slightly, see if you can possibly add any hidden storage into your pre-existing storage. For example, put some towel shelves inside your vanity or use turntables for your lotions, sprays, toothpaste or shaving cream. You can also utilize clear storage bins that typically come in a three drawer unit for extra storage and ease of use.

Another item to consider adding to your bathroom for your Joliet bathroom remodeling project is additional towel bars. You could have separate towel bars for each member of your family so everyone always has a clean, fresh towel. Or you can opt for a hotel-style towel rack that holds more than a few towels.

If you can’t fit any more towel racks in your bathroom, perhaps you can put up some towel and/or robe hooks. The hooks take up less wall space and serve the same exact purpose as a towel rack.

Perhaps you can buy a new rug or two to freshen up the space. Opt for bolder colors if you have used muted colors in the past or a more neutral color if you are looking for a calmer bathroom. You can also spice up the bathroom by changing up the wall color, even though a more neutral wall color works best for the bathroom.

While these are just some small tips that can help improve your bathroom ever so slightly, if you are looking for something a little more in-depth, like tile work or new fixtures it is always best to consult a professional Joliet bathroom remodeling contractor at ERC Construction. They will be able to give you all of your options when it comes to bathroom remodeling updates and styles.

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