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Painting Contractors in Hartselle, AL: Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Painter for Your Job

When you have made the decision to hire a painting contractor in Hartselle, AL, rather than taking on the painting project yourself, there are plenty of things to consider before you actually choose a painter. By doing your research, asking friends and family for testimonials and meeting prospective painters, you can begin to form an opinion and choose the best painter for your job. Wondering what research you should be doing? Use these tips to help you get started:

License and Insurance: Professional painters will be more than happy to provide proof of licensure and insurance. Spend time verifying that the documentation is valid. You can also inquire about safety certifications and training/compliance programs that the painter has participated in.

Ask for References: A good painting contractor will offer references when asked. Follow up with these references and ask them why they chose this particular painter, what they thought of the painter’s work ethic, if they were pleased with the project and how fair they thought price for the project was. Keep in mind that if you are asking for the painter’s references, they are only to provide good references. This is where word of mouth and other friends and family testimonials may help out. By asking around you may also hear some of the negative comments about the painters you are choosing from.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable With the Painter: Depending on the project you may need to spend extended periods of time with the painting contractor in your home. You need to be sure that you are comfortable on all levels with the painter you choose. Choosing the cheapest painting company for the job is not the best choice, especially if you are not compatible with the contractor.

These tips are only a few things to consider when preparing to hire a painting contractor in Hartselle, AL, but they should offer a good starting point to begin the search process.

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