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Dallas Texas Foundation Repair: How to Determine if Your Foundation Needs Repair

While all foundations may look like they are created equal… that’s not true. And because of this no one Dallas Texas Foundation Repair job is the same either. Before you start racking your brain and worrying if your foundation is crumbling, you need to find out if your foundation is in need of repair.

So how do you determine if your foundation needs repair? Easy, just ask yourself these simple questions, look for the warning signs and be sure to contact a Dallas Texas Foundation Repair expert to help you make your decision.


1. Do you have cracks in your walls? (Particularly near the corners of windows and doors and/or where the walls join together.)

2. Does your fireplace have any cracks or leaks? Be sure to check the exterior chimney, too.

3. Do your doors and windows fit together properly?

4. Do your doors or windows stick? Are there any gaps?

5. Do you have cracks in your concrete? (Check both internally and externally.)

Once you have asked yourself these questions and looked for the above warning signs, you should next contact a Dallas Texas Foundation Repair expert. Experts will be able to come to your home and do a thorough inspection of the above and much more.

Because each foundation and problems with foundations are different, the expert will be the best person to assess the damage and make a judgment on what will be the best fix for your specific foundation. At this time, your chosen foundation repair expert may suggest something like wall anchors, slab jacking or even piering to correct your foundation’s problem.

While you will be able to look for the above problems and do some minor assessing yourself, it is always best to deal with a professional to repair any damages to your foundation. Trying to fix your own foundation could cause so many more problems with your entire home’s structure in the long run… so when it comes to doing the job right stick with the pros at Geo-Tech Foundation Repair!

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