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Best Material Options for Dallas Retaining Walls

Whether your yard requires a retaining wall to serve a physical purpose or just an aesthetic one, it’s best to know your options when it comes to choosing what material you will use or inquire about in your retaining wall construction.

Just about any material can be used to create a retaining wall, but different materials serve different purposes and create different looking retaining walls for your Dallas retaining wall project.

Here we will look at some material options that you have available for your retaining wall project:

• Timber Retaining Wall: Although you can use many different types, wood is one of the most commonly used materials in a Dallas retaining wall project. Wood is just as useful, and beautiful, as any other material when it comes to retaining wall construction. When building a timber retaining wall you will need to ensure that you purchase treated timber and support beams to build the infrastructure of the wall.

• Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW): Segmental Retaining Walls are gravity walls that rely on their weight for structure and stability. SRW’s are made up of concrete masonry blocks that are dry stacked together without the use of mortar. SRW’s can be made both large and small and can be created in a variety of textures and colors. Gaining in popularity in both residential and commercial Dallas retaining wall projects, SRW’s are cost effective and show very little visible signs of distress over the years.

• Natural Stone Retaining Wall: Natural Stone Retaining Walls are retaining walls that are constructed from cut stone without using mortar to hold the wall in place, similar to SRW’s. These types of walls, used frequently in Dallas retaining wall projects, utilize friction and the weight of the stones to keep the wall stable. Natural stone walls are very popular and allow water to flow freely behind and through the wall, relieving some of the pressure off of the wall itself.

Regardless of what material you decide to use in your Dallas retaining wall construction, you will need to be pleased with the outcome as you will be seeing this wall as part of your landscape for years to come. Do your research or talk to Geo-Tech Foundation Repair, the Dallas retaining wall construction experts before you proceed with your project.

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